August at a Glance (FREE Printable Calendar)

August 2023 FREE Printable Calendar

National Day August 2023

Ok, ok, ok ... Hold me accountable, I did good last month and today here I am the first day of August at 10pm getting the calendar out. One of these day's I will actually get my life together! 

I'm not sure about you but when I have a calendar, I feel like I'm adulting... like really adulting haha! Like ... ok, I have this calendar now I am really going to get it together. It's just something about writing it down ... I am not a put it in my iPhone calendar type of girl I have to write it down. 

No more time to waste since August 1st is almost over now ... CLICK HERE to get your FREE Printable Calendar. 

Don't be shy tell me your thoughts about the Calendar. Things you like and don't like ! I'm happy to have feedback. Comment below :) 


Check out some of our items to help you celebration this month's National Holidays 

Girlfriends Day

Skinny Syrup

Let's celebrate National Girlfriend's Day with Mixed Drinks and 0 Calories 0 Sugar and 0 Carbs >> YES PLEASE! 

Chocolate Cookie Day 

Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I have actually tasted tested this and its APPROVED ! Don't wait RUN .. get some

Stationery Day 

Parenting Pens Funny

Pens have been a TOP seller for us - there are only a few packs of these left! 

First Day of School 

There's Still Time To Order Our Back to School Photo Balloon's ! We can do it for ALL grades and customize it accordingly (just leave us a comment at check out on the school and we can change it out if you have a Senior or older kid) 

National Tooth Fairy Day

Tooth Fairy Kit

Tooth Fairy Kit  I mean how fun is this for your kids ?!




If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to check things out! Your feedback is important to me let me know what you do or do not like about the Calendar. 

As Always Keep Celebrating ! 



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