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June 2023 Printable Calendar

          June National Holidays List


At 2am (because that's when people do their best brainstorming/thinking, right?!) I had an idea and hope you all enjoy it! 

Each month I will issue a Printable Monthly Calendar and I promise next month it will be on time and not the middle of the month like June. 

I don't know about you, but I am very much a pen to paper type of girl. I need to be able to write everything out on my calendar and see the entire month. 

Click Here to print your FREE June 2023 Calendar


A little late but just in case you want to grab your BFF a card, we've got just the one! 

BFF Card You're The Dry Shampoo to my greasy ass hair

Father's day is quickly approaching. Check out some of our one of a kind father's day greeting cards. And if you're looking for an affordable gift here's one for under $20. 

Father's Day Gifts and Cards

June 23 & 24 Mark your calendars for our first ever Kick Off Summer Sale and Lemonade Stand. Out with the old so we can bring in the new! 


I hope you all enjoy this FREE Printable Calendar and thank you again for your support. 

Party on, 


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