About Us

Hey There!

Welcome to NOW ITS A PARTY! We are so excited to have you here. We are a family-owned and operated party boutique in Staunton, Virginia. Sourcing most of our items from other small businesses we offer quality and fun party supplies, gifts and paper goods. One of our best features is our fully stocked Balloon Bar! Services including helium bundles, luxury bouquets, garlands and more! 

Here at NOW ITS A PARTY we strongly believe in:

🎈Every day is worth Celebrating 

🎈Supporting Others 

🎈Family First (That means you because our customers are our family)

🎈No matter what, smile and have fun

🎈Life is short, therefore celebrations are important


I, Jenna wanted to explore my creative side and James being the backbone of it all. Together we opened our brick and mortar, February 2023. Being the only party boutique/balloon bar serving the community. 

Life is short and at times tough but celebrating even for the smallest moments can create BIG lasting memories. 

Supporting other small businesses is important to us both therefore we have hand-picked almost all of our products from other family or women-owned companies. So, when shopping with NOW ITS A PARTY you are supporting several small businesses in one. 

Family is another key value to us so you can often find one of our 6 kids helping out at the shop. We made sure the shop is fun and inviting for both adults and kids! 

If you have an upcoming celebration, come party with us! We are so excited for this journey and look forward to making your next celebration the absolute best!