Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions agreed to when purchasing and booking NOW ITS A PARTY LLC. 

Cancelling an order makes us sad as we looked forward to working with you! We do understand that circumstances may change and that you may need to cancel your order. 

BUYERS REMORSE: (Online/Self-Placed Orders ONLY): If you cancel your order within 24 hours of the moment purchase you will be provided a 95% of the amount you paid (5% is for credit card processing fees that we have already paid once you placed your order). This does not apply to event orders, special/custom orders or any retainers/deposits placed on your event. 

EVENT RETAINERS/DEPOSITS: There is no refund of event retainer fees and/or deposits. Retainers are utilized to confirm your event order for your event date and retainers are not refundable. Cancellation of your event order will forfeit your retainer fee. 

EVENT, DECORATION OR SPEICAL OFFERS - We cannot provide a refund at this time of any payments outside of the Buyers Remorse Clause. Our team often orders your balloons for you the day you place your order or WEEKS in advance to ensure we have the supplies needed. However, if notified within 48 hours of your event date we can reschedule to another date within 6 months of your original event date. This is subject to availability. If a new date is not secured within 6 months of your original date we will consider your order void and no credit or reschedule will be provided. 

Often times we prep your decor in advance, which is why, if we are notified of cancellation less than 48 hours before your event we will not be able to reschedule. If your balloon decor has been completed and is ready, you will not receive credit towards another event. No exceptions. 

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 540-569-2119. We will not process cancellation requests via any social media channels in which we respond to inquiries of our products or services.