Delivery Policy

This service is for our Luxury Balloon BouquetsHelium Bouquets and Columns.

If you are interested in larger items being delivered and installed, please submit our Balloon Event Inquiry Form and a team member will be in touch. 

Simply add this Delivery Service to your cart and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm availability. A separate invoice will be sent for the delivery fee once confirmed. 

Where Do You Deliver?

Standard delivery is within 15 miles of our Staunton Location. Round-trip mileage delivery service is available for extended areas. 

When Do You Deliver?

Currently we offer delivery on Friday's during business hours 10am to 5pm. On occasion we are able to deliver other days of the week, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. 

Delivery Cost? 

Standard delivery fee is either a flat rate of $9.99 or $1.50 per mile to and from the location. 

Do You Do Same-Day Delivery?

If we have the availability, then yes, we will. But please keep in mind that we require a two-hour prep window which can sometimes be longer depending on the product desired. 

Please call us at 540-569-2119 to check availability.  

Will you Deliver to a School or Hospital?

We can deliver to schools and hospitals with some considerations:

It is the customer's responsibility to contact the school and make sure balloon deliveries are accepted. Deliveries to students in class is not permitted. The balloon delivery will be delivered to the school office and the student will be notified. NOW ITS A PARTY is no responsible for what happens to the product after they are left at the school office. Deliveries to colleges and universities will be left at a mailroom. 

All hospitals (and many schools and universities) are latex-free. Please take this into considerations and be sure to check with the school before making your selection. We do offer latex-free options. 

When delivering to hospital's we will also leave the balloons with a host or receptionist and the product will be taken to the recipient from there. Again, we are not responsible for anything that happens to the product after we hand it off. 

Do People Need To Be Home To Receive Deliveries? 

If you or the intended recipient is unavailable/not responsive for the delivery we will attempt to reach you by any of the following: phone, text, email. If during the first attempt, we cannot deliver our product(s) we will NOT leave product(s) at the door unless a written request is emailed from you prior to the delivery and weather permitting. Due to limited availability of delivery's, we are unable to make a second attempt and cannot refund your delivery fee. Please ensure that someone is there to receive your order prior to delivery. If you missed your delivery your products will be available at our Brick & Mortar location in Staunton for pick up during regular business hours. 

Hotel Deliveries 

We are sometimes asked to deliver to hotels to surprise someone for a special occasion. In these cases, we will leave the balloons with the hotel receptionist who will then be responsible for getting the products where they need to be. NOW ITS A PARTY does not take responsibility or issue refunds if the order is not received by someone upon delivery, or if another person on-site handles, damages or misplaces the order. 

Refunds and Replacements

Please see our Balloon Cancellation Policy.