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Letters For My Future Self / Writing Kit

Letters For My Future Self / Writing Kit

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Write letters to yourself just like entries in a diary or journal. In the future, open your letters like time capsules to appreciate a look back in time at your former self. Each letter is printed with a unique writing prompt. This kit makes a perfect graduation birthday or any time gift.

  • Included are: - Twelve 5 x 7 stationery cards with 12 envelopes
  • 10  unique prompts printed on them and two are blank

What are the prompts? - When I open this letter here is what I hope stayed the same… - My current worries fears and insecurities are… - In life I hope to accomplish… - More than anywhere, I would love to visit… - My idea of a perfect day would be… - The best thing about myself is… - I feel at peace when… - These 10 things would instantly make me smile… 

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