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Specialty Balloon Column - Cactus

Specialty Balloon Column - Cactus

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1 Specialty Balloon Cactus Column 

This Cactus Balloon Column is perfect for your feista, western themed party and more. (babyshowers, bachlorette, birthdays and more) this makes the perfect addition to your party decor. It comes on a pre-built column stand (we do ask that these are returned after your event) the stands make it easy to move around so no attaching to walls. We recommend a mid/large size SUV for transporting these as they easily fit in with seats down (our customers have had no issues). 

  • 1 Specialty Balloon Column - Cactus 
  • Approx. 6ft tall 


Not all colors are available in multiple sizes, we may use others that are closely relative for some variation. 

We use 100% biodegraded earth friendly latex balloons. Our latex balloons are made from natural latex rubber. Please recycle them. Children under the age of 8 should be supervised when balloons are present, please dispose of any popped balloons immediately.

We use quality balloons and check our work to ensure you receive the best of the best. Balloons are best suited for indoor display only and do best in a controlled environment. Extreme temperatures and sharp objects WILL cause it to pop, damage or oxidize (turn matte). Once your balloons are in your possession and leave our store we assume zero responsibility. 

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